Aug 14

Elevator Mag: Elevator Program label reaches #1 on Beatport with Ethos

The Elevator Program record label reached #1 on Beatport for the first time with Ethos
In 2022, Ethos enrolled in Elevator Program as a beginner. His debut EP 'Devils Paradis' on the Elevator label reached #1 on Beatport Techno Top 100 chart last week and stayed there for 5 days. 

The Elevator label has become a key part of the Elevator Program experience. It has platformed debut releases for artists such as Julia Tamzyn, Olympias, KERZ and murademura. 

Ethos started with the Advanced Music Production course and added the Mentorship Program to prepare for his first release on the label. His dedication to learning his craft and his success on his debut release is working proof that the program works and that you can achieve your creative goals with the right work ethic and learning program.