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Advanced Music Production with Ableton Live

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This course focuses on advanced techniques, creative workflows, and industry-standard practices within the realm of music production using Ableton Live.This programme will help you reach your creative potential and get you ready to launch your career as an electronic music artist.

Learn how to build your tracks step-by-step by implementing the skills and knowledge you’ve learned from your weekly lectures. The Learning Objective is to understand how to create, produce, mix and master your own 4 track EP.


Dive deep into the capabilities of Ableton Live, exploring advanced audio and MIDI recording techniques, complex editing workflows, and innovative sound design methods. You will gain a comprehensive understanding of Live's powerful instruments, effects, and devices, enabling you to craft professional-grade sounds and textures that push the boundaries of creativity.

The course also covers advanced mixing and mastering techniques, allowing you to achieve a polished, commercial-grade sound in your productions. You will learn to balance elements in the mix, apply precise audio processing, and optimise your tracks for various listening environments.

Learn advanced production techniques such as sampling, audio manipulation, creative effects processing, and utilising external hardware seamlessly within Ableton Live. 


Elevator Program is an ecosystem where you can learn your craft and release your music through our in-house record label. for graduates of this course. Our goal is to nurture a global network of underground electronic music artists and to provide a professional platform for their creativity. 


  • Master advanced features and tools in Ableton Live for professional music production.
  • Apply advanced audio recording and editing techniques with precision and creativity.
  • Explore intricate MIDI programming and manipulation for expressive control.
  • Create unique and innovative sounds using powerful synthesizers and samplers.
  • Compose sophisticated musical arrangements using advanced music theory concepts.
  • Implement advanced mixing techniques for professional-grade results.
  • Utilize advanced audio processing and creative effects to enhance your tracks.
  • Optimize workflows, organization, and collaboration for increased productivity.
  • Develop skills in mastering techniques for finalizing tracks with polish and clarity.
  • Build a portfolio of advanced music productions showcasing your mastery and unique style.





Master the craft of music production

"I developed this program as something I wish I had access to over 10 years ago, even studying Sound & Music Tech full time didn't equip me with the knowledge I needed to get tracks from my laptop to the playlists of favourite DJs.

Everyone has a theory on what makes people successful and how to make it. The simple fact is, without good records you have no chance. You need to know what the worlds top producers know, you need to be able to sit down for three hours and hammer out a track with focus. You need to take the steps today, to reach your goals of tomorrow.

There are no tricks or short cuts, you gotta to put the work in and grind this out"


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"Elevator courses are a mix of reading, video tutorials and assignments. Every bit of information shared by the trainer is valuable. The course has helped me be more confident in understanding Ableton, explore its features, work on sound quality and arrange a Live set from start to finish."

"I had all the passion needed to make tracks, but my skills were lacking. Elevator Program brought me up to where I needed to be. There is no better feeling than seeing people dance to your own original productions. Elevator Program gives you the tools needed to make that a reality."

"Will taught me early on in my career and helped me lay the foundations to what my sound is today. He is a fountain of knowledge when it comes to music production and has a talent in being able to explain and break things down to even the more novice producer."

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Explore Advanced Production Workflows

Master advanced features and tools in Ableton Live for professional music production. Optimise workflows & organization for increased productivity
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