About Elevator Program

Elevator Program offers music production courses that support all levels of skills and experience. We support our artists through community management and engagement through our inbuilt social media platform for electronic music producers. 
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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to join?

Membership to Elevator Program is free. You can sign up, try our free course and join the conversation on our social media platform for electronic music producers. Community is at the centre of our core mission and we believe in offering support to all members.

When you feel ready, you can sign up for one of our more advanced paid courses. To learn more about our suite of music production courses CLICK HERE

How long do I have access to courses? 

Paid Courses come with 18 months access, but if you would like to arrange extended access, you can contact us to organise continued access. Subscriptions are pay as you go, you can cancel at any time, at which point you will lose access. 

Can you tell me more about the Elevator Program Record Label? 

The Elevator Program record label offers a platform for Elevator Program members to release and distribute music across all download and streaming platforms such as Beatport, Apple Music and Spotify. Once your music is signed it will be promoted across all of our channels.

We built the record label because we want our artists to have a safe and supportive route to release their music. We support underground music producers and want them to feel free to express themselves without the pressure of having to achieve chart success. If your music is good enough, we will release it. We do not follow trends or fads. We support Techno, Electro and House Music. We ask our artists to dig deep, to deliver cutting edge music that will stand the test of time. 

How do I submit demos to the Elevator Program record label?

We are looking for music from graduates from our Advanced Music Production Courses and Artist Development Programmes. The reason we have these courses in place is that it helps music producers dig deep from a technical and artistic point of view. If they have spent the time to develop their sound they will get better results. This is why we have an extensive A&R process. We also accept music from experienced music producers who have used our Advanced Courses (such as the Mixing and Mastering course) to get their music to a pro standard, that final 10-20% that separates the professionals from the amateurs. 

Once you feel your music is ready, engage with the Community Manager (REOSC) to go through your music, the A&R process begins at that point. You may be asked to make some improvements to get your music to the next level. We are looking for the exciting upcoming artists, it doesn't matter if you have zero social media, we are just looking for great music. 

Contact Us for more information on the Elevator Program Record Label

Who are you? Who is behind Elevator Program?

Elevator Program was created by artists, for artists. Founder Will Kinsella aka Hybrasil is a music producer, sound engineer and live artist with over 15 years experience in electronic music and has worked with some of the worlds leading record labels such as Rekids and Carl Cox's Awesome Soundwave. He has been in electronic music education for over 10 years and is a regular lecturer at the SAE Institute in Germany and Austria. 

Our team are all graduates of the programme. Our social media manager Yasmin Gardezi was one of our first hires and Community Manager REOSC is an artist on the record label and plays a key role in the labels A&R. As we grow, we will create more jobs and opportunities for artists. 

CLICK HERE to learn more about the Elevator Team

Is there any support for members of Elevator Program? I'd like the option to speak with a person. 

Firstly, feel free to email us any time, we are always quick to respond. 

We hired a community manager to support artists on Elevator Program. So if you are thinking of upgrading to a paid course and would like to speak with someone, we are here to help. As you make your way through the programme, the level of support increases, for example our Advanced students and subscribers will get more support as they have a larger course load. 

Our ultimate objective is to get you ready to release and publish music on the Elevator Program label which will hopefully springboard you to more labels, more releases and more artistic progress. 

I'm having problems logging in, what do I do? 

It is important to remember that you must login the same way you registered. For example, if you registered/signed up via an app like Facebook or gmail, you must continue to use that method to login. This goes for the website and the user app. 

If you have any issues on the site whatsoever, contact us, we are here to help and can manually address any issues. 

How do I purchase and access a course?

To get enrolled in a product, navigate to the Course Catalogue page of the school, or the Sales Page. There you will find information on the pricing of the available courses, and by clicking on the Enroll button, you will be redirected to the Checkout page (this option may vary according to the school's settings). 

When you click on the Enroll button in order to purchase a product you will be redirected to the Payment page.

1. Sign-up and create an account. If you have already an account, you can click on the Login button or if you are already logged in, you can skip this step. 
2. Enter your billing details (name, address, postal code, country).
3. Enter a Business Tax ID, if applicable.
4. Choose one of the available payment methods and enter your Card Number, the Expiration Date, and CVC. All major credit cards are accepted.  
5. If you have been provided with a discount coupon, you can redeem it in the relevant field. 

Once the checkout process has been completed, the course contents will be unlocked.

How do I create an account?

As a user, to log in to your school, you have to create a new account first. There are different ways to accomplish this according to the school's available sign-up options. You can easily locate the Sign-up or Sign-in topbar buttons in the school's topbar. You can click on them and create your account.
There are different ways you can create an account in a LearnWorlds school:

  1. By creating an account with your email address via the Signup form

2. Visit the Sign in Form and click on Create Account to get directed to the Sign-up form and submit your email, password, and other personal details for your account.
3. Via a Social Account (if this option is available) such as your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google, or Apple account. You will be asked to confirm your social account, so make sure that you enter a valid email address. 

How do I sign in?

After creating a new account (signup) and while you are logged out, you can login anytime by using your personal credentials.
The sign-in is connected to the signup process, so if you used your email to signup you will need to use the same email to sign in, and if you used a social network to sign up you will need to use the same social account to sign in your account.

Do you offer Music Production Services such as Mixing and Mastering?

We offer mixing, mastering, post production, mentorship, DJ Mix and podcast Mastering services by HBL Studios. To learn more about how it works visit the Studio Services page HERE

We do recommend that you try our courses and improve your skills before engaging in our studio services. To learn more about our suite of music production courses CLICK HERE

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