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Imagine you're on the brink of discovering the secret sauce to transforming your passion for electronic music into a groundbreaking career. That's where Elevator Program steps in – your digital mentor in the art of electronic music production. Picture this: a platform so intuitive and results-driven that it's like having a personal music production guru at your fingertips, anytime, anywhere.

Elevator Program isn't just another edtech platform; it's a revolution in how music producers and electronic artists evolve their sound. With methodologies crafted specifically for the electronic music scene, it offers a unique blend of theory, practice, and innovation, all designed to elevate your music to chart-topping heights. This isn't about generic tutorials or one-size-fits-all lessons; it's about bespoke guidance that tunes into your unique style and potential, helping you master the craft of electronic music production.

What sets Elevator Program apart? It's the seamless integration of cutting-edge technology with expert knowledge, available online and in-app, making it accessible whether you're in the studio, at home, or on the move. This platform delivers incredible results, turning aspiring artists into music producers who not only understand the technicalities of production but also the soul of electronic music.

The proof? Elevator Program has been instrumental in the success stories of countless artists. From bedroom producers to festival headliners, the transformation is not just seen but felt across dance floors and airwaves worldwide. It's not merely about learning; it's about achieving, about leaving your mark on the electronic music landscape.

So, if you're ready to take your passion for electronic music to the next level, to not just dream about making music but to live it, Elevator Program is your next step. It's more than a platform; it's a community, a movement, a catalyst for your career. Join us, and let's create the soundtrack of tomorrow, together. Your journey to electronic music mastery starts here. Are you in?

Take it to the next level with our groundbreaking learning programs.  

Learn, create, master, repeat

Our Programme focuses on workflow and mastering the creative process. Work faster, smarter and with focus. LEARN CREATE ELEVATE

Find your voice as an artist

Our mission is to help music producers find their artistic voice and to reach their creative potential. 

Master your craft

Learn the Art & Science of electronic music production. Learn what makes a world class club ready record and what you need to do to be ready to send music to labels. 

Get signed to our Record Label

Graduates of our advanced music production course can submit music to our Record label. 'Reosc' reached #3 in the Beatport Techno Chart on his debut album. 

The Elevator Program Philosophy

Elevator Program was created by Berlin based sound engineer Will Kinsella aka Hybrasil (Rekids / Awesome Soundwave/We Are the Brave/Uncage). Over the past 15 years he has helped some of the worlds leading artists master Ableton Live & the Creative Process, developing an innovative system for teaching music production in the process.

We have helped producers from across Europe master the craft of electronic music production and sign music to some of the worlds leading record labels.
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Meet the Team

Will Kinsella AKA Hybrasil

 Creator / Founder
Will Kinsella, aka Hybrasil, is a live artist, music producer, sound engineer and lecturer with over 10 years experience in education and eLearning. Will is the founder of Elevator Program, an eLearning platform for electronic music production, and is a lecturer at the SAE Institute in Berlin. 
Will learned his craft working as a house engineer at Temple Lane and Grouse Lodge Studios, where he recorded and produced music on NEVE and SSL Consoles across genres such as Blues, Jazz, Folk Music, World Music and Prog Rock. I has over 10 years experience in radio broadcasting with RTE and 5 years experience in music journalism with Hot Press. 
In 2016, he debuted his Hybrasil LIVE project, and has since worked with labels such as Carl Cox and Christopher Coe's Awesome Soundwave, Radio Slave's Rekids, Alan Fitzpatrick's We Are the Brave and Marco Faraone's Uncage. 


Elevator Artist 
In 2022, Ethos joined Elevator Program as a beginner, a year later he reached #1 on Beatport with his debut EP on the Elevator Program record label. His meteoric journey through the program is an example of what is possible when you assign laser focus to learning your craft. 

Multiple decades of fascination with electronic music has led Ethos to this stage of his life, drawing early influences from the likes of Kraftwerk and The Prodigy, recording tapes at a young age and listening to them over and over again. This organic curiosity for music led him to 20 years worth of travel working in Clubs, exploring different scenes and culture before heading to Dublin where he himself would learn to DJ and then begin to produce in 2022 with Elevator, bringing us right up to his first outing as a producer.

Julia Tamzyn

Elevator Artist 
Julia Tamzyn debuted on the Elevator Program label with 'Refractions' in 2023. Speaking about Julia's music, Elevator founder Will Kinsella explains "the second I heard Julia's music I asked to sign it on the record label, I was really blown away by her unique sound, something that only comes from years of dedication to her craft. 

Speaking on her creative process, Julia says: “I want people to feel like they’ve been on a journey with me, like they’ve connected to a memory, a dream, or a place. When I listen to music, I fall into that world, it’s a sanctuary for me, and I want to give people the same experience. I generally compose tracks in one go so it’s a raw process. I can spend weeks or months on fine tuning, but the fundamentals of the track capture that emotional essence, that state of mind, that moment in time.”

What makes Julia Tamzyn one-to-watch is her ability to create house music that feels old school and completely fresh, music that moves forward and backwards through time. 


Elevator Artist 
murademura debuted on the Elevator Program label in 2022 with stunning House Music EP titled 'Nights on Lake Serene'. Based in Cork, Ireland, his undying passion for uncovering electronic sounds has been at the forefront of his life for many years, but this was not enough for the eclectic collector, he needed something more, to be in control of the sounds. After graduating from Hybrasil’s Elevator Program, grafting, learning, and honing his sound the raw talent culminated in his debut on the Elevator label. Three divine cuts exploring a distinctive and sleek deep house sound with tinges of techno influence, mature and wholesome productions. 

“The treatment of sound has always been a source of fascination and it’s something I return to again and again. Following that need to create. Giving form to sound. Rhythm & Sound”


Elevator Artist 
One of Elevator Program's original members, Ibiza based live artist, Olympias debuted on the Elevator label in 2023 with 'Black Bird'. An artist who tirelessly develops her sound, drawing influence from chill, dub, deep house and techno. The “Black Bird” EP blurs the lines between those genres, intricately arranged for a well rounded experience within both tracks. 
Olympias studied the piano from the age of 6, at 12 she began singing lessons, and started her music career in piano bars in Dublin in 2004. As a live artist, she has played in the Sugar Factory and Radion in Amsterdam, had a residency in Dublin with Division, and played in Germany, Spain, the US, Hong Kong, and Thailand. In 2018, she decided that she wanted to go deeper as her passion for music production took over. 


Elevator Artist 
KERZ debuted on the Elevator Program label in 2023 with 'Sometimes Bad Things Are Funny'. KERZ was one of the first students on Will Kinsella's Artist Development Program all the way back in 2014, graduating from the Elevator Program Advanced Music Production Course and Mentorship Program in 2022. 
2020 saw KERZ embark on his musical journey as a producer, and has never looked back since. Whilst tirelessly honing his innovative sound in the studio, In the booth KERZ has shared his driven minimalist sound at several Irish hotspots including “Twisted Pepper” and “Button Factory” and looks to soundtrack venues on a similar tip with this new surge in his career.
Elevator are always sharing opportunities for their course graduates with KERZ showcasing a mature and tasteful understanding of techno in the early stages of his career with what is looking like a bright few years ahead. Stay tuned for his debut album release on the Elevator Program record label.

The Electronic Music Ecosystem at Your Fingertips


The Artist Development Pathway 

Our suite of courses have distilled over 15 years of studio experience in a learning program that takes users from beginner to advanced in 6 months. 

Learning from established artists

Our courses are created by established music producers and sound engineers with a strong background in education and e-learning. 
Write your awesome label here.
Write your awesome label here.

A Growing Roster of Artists

The Elevator Program Record label is continuously growing. We recruit artists from our Advanced Music Production Course and help launch careers. Learn your craft and get your music out there. 

Social Learning

A complete built-in social network for connecting with your co-learners. Ask questions, exchange knowledge and connect with our growing artist community.

Our Success is measured in Student Results

“First time I saw the advert for the Ableton Crash Course I thought, no way I’m signing up after 2 expensive ones in Dublin. They had information & theory but no practical guidelines. In the end, I signed up and it was the best investment in my Ableton development. Arrangement, kicks, tops, bass, melody & fine tuning elements at the end."
— Viktor Marina
"The Mixing & Mastering course was a really enjoyable course. It was comprehensive and given clearly and concisely. It made me realise how much I was overlooking and not carrying out when producing and doing mix down or how important it is to carry out all those finer steps and too take time when producing and not rush the process."
— Demesne
"Advanced Music Production is a really engaging course. There is a mix of reading, video tutorials and assignments. Every bit of information shared by the trainer is valuable. The course has helped me be more confident in understanding Ableton, explore its features, work on sound quality and arrange a Live set from start to finish."
— Olympias Live


Turbocharge your creative process with our innovation approach to teaching music production. Unlock the world of electronic music production with a program that delivers results.

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