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Elevator Mag: KERZ debuts on the Elevator Program label with 'Sometimes Bad Things Are Funny'

KERZ: Sometimes Bad Things are Funny EP - Out now on Beatport

Hybrasil and his Elevator Program brand continue to flourish in 2023, continuing to support members of their ever expanding community, providing an end to end experience for eager to learn producers and electronic music enthusiasts. Firing out the next body of work on the label is the latest graduate from the Advanced Music Production Course, KERZ, he showcases a whirlwind of sounds wandering between deep and darker shades of techno. A refined taste to the talents debut EP and will undoubtedly go down well amongst the heads. 

KERZ joined Hybrasil’s Artist Development Program back in 2014. He was one of Elevator Program’s early adaptors, joining the programme as part of a music producer test group in 2019, studying Advanced Music Production and joining the mentorship program. 

Whilst tirelessly honing his innovative sound in the studio, KERZ also plays an integral role in the Music Machines Masters project, a new Dublin based community supplying a platform for aspiring artists to connect with likeminded people with artistic freedom at the heart of the cause. In the booth KERZ has shared his driven minimalist sound at several Irish hotspots including “Twisted Pepper” and “Button Factory” and looks to soundtrack venues on a similar tip with this new surge in his career. 

As we get stuck into the EP, packing a punch from the word go is “She Tripped In Lanzarote” a distinct forward drive as the thunderous kick fills the room around you. “The Hatchet” is further explosive peak time action, pulsating and gripping as the track continues to develop. Simmering from the first beat is “Tomo’s Meltdown”, slowly building into a frenzy, leaning more towards the mysterious realms. “Small John’s Noggin” gives you that sense of a never ending night, working its way through the ranks of the floor and nobody wants it to leave. 

Elevator are always sharing opportunities for their course graduates with KERZ showcasing a mature and tasteful understanding of techno in the early stages of his career with what is looking like a bright few years ahead. First this release, and then in the coming months news of his debut album will follow. 

"I have spent the last few years making track after track in the hope of getting my music to where I wanted it to be. Around the Summer of 2022, I could really feel like I was getting there. It wasn't until I started jamming at a faster BPM and began to strip back my arrangements into a more minimal, underground style that I really noticed progress. From these jam sessions, “Sometimes Bad Things Are Funny” was born.

The Elevator Program really guided me through the journey and gave me the skills necessary to make the type of music I was happy to share with the world. It only feels right that my first release is on their label as they have given me so much over the last few years. This 4 track e.p sets the tone for the music I intend to release in the coming future. Minimal, hook-driven tracks that smack you right in your chest."

KERZ: Sometimes Bad Things are Funny EP - Out now on Beatport

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