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NEWS: Reosc releases debut album on Elevator Program

Branching out from the Elevator Program teaching initiative is the Elevator Label, a platform for graduates of their Advanced Music Production Course. For the second release on the label they are happy to introduce talented Irishman, Reosc who arrives with a phenomenal debut album “Reosc!llate”, perfectly blending sophisticated shades of techno into one tight and carefully crafted package.

Drawing significant influences from some of the greats of our time such as Jeff Mills, Dave Clarke and Ben Sims is something that can be heard distinctively within Reosc’s immersive techno sound. Each of the tracks crammed with enormous energy, waiting patiently to work their magic in the most discerning of dance floors in 2022 and beyond.

Mysterious tones and thunderous kicks converse blissfully throughout the eight track exploration of sound, every one of the tracks telling their own tale, all of them intricately designed to move the listener in different directions.

“Reosc is the embodiment of what Elevator is all about. He followed our program religiously, he worked hard on his music and he has gotten the results. He is the first graduate from Elevator Program to release on the label and has set a high benchmark in the process.” Hybrasil, Elevator Program Founder.


All graduates of our 'Advanced Music Production' course are eligible to submit music to the Elevator Program label. The Advanced course will equip you with the skills you need to produce music to a high level. Our A&R team will help you with feedback and assist you in getting your first release.