Artist Development Program

A 7 month masterclass in Advanced Music Production techniques created by Hybrasil (Rekids/ASW). Learn how to write and finish tracks like a pro and submit music to the Elevator Program record label. 
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What you get

Benefits of the program


Created by artists for artists

This programme was developed by Berlin based sound engineer/music producer Hybrasil (Rekids / Awesome Soundwave)

Supercharge your creative process

This programme will help you reach your creative potential and get you ready to launch your career as an electronic music artist. Learn how to build your tracks step-by-step 

the Community

Join our growing roster of international artists, submit music to our record label for feedback and access our community support team. 
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Advanced Music Production was designed for artists who want to get their music to a professional level, where they feel confident playing their tracks at clubs/festivals or sending their music to the industry's top DJs and labels. We explore advanced synthesis, rhythm programming, building polyrhythms, music theory, Max For Live, sampling, composition, mixing and mastering.