Gold Membership: Advanced Access Pass

Enjoy all the benefits of the Silver tier, plus access to the Advanced Music Production Program. Get personalised guidance from your designated Development Advisor plus A&R support for the Elevator Program record label. 

Pay as you go, No contract, Cancel any time. 
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  • Silver Membership plus Access to Advanced Music Production Program
  • Personalised guidance and support from a designated Development Advisor.
  • A&R Support for Label demos. 
  • Learn The Elevator Method: a step by step program for mastering the creative process. 
  • Develop a roadmap for finishing music
  • Collaborate with fellow Gold members and expand your network in the music production community.
  • Discounted rates on Music Production Services.


What you get

Benefits of the membership program


Created by artists for artists

This programme was developed by Berlin based sound engineer/music producer Hybrasil (Rekids / Awesome Soundwave)

Supercharge your creative process

This programme will help you reach your creative potential and get you ready to launch your career as an electronic music artist. Learn how to build your tracks step-by-step 

the Community

Join our growing roster of international artists, submit music to our record label for feedback and access our community support team. 
Your Artist Development Journey starts here.

Receive personalised guidance and support from a designated development advisor, helping you overcome challenges and refine your skills. Delve deeper into advanced production techniques, including advanced mixing, mastering, and workflow optimisation.

The Gold tier is designed to empower you with the knowledge and support necessary to elevate your skills and excel in the electronic music industry.