Apr 21 / Will Kinsella

Free Webinar: How To Make Electronic Music & Finish Tracks

What are the most common questions I get asked as a music production teacher? 

I have been teaching music production and mentoring artists for 14 years, and the same questions come up over and over again.

  • How do I break out of Loop Mode? 
  • How do you break through writers block?
  • How do you finish tracks? I feel that I get stuck in the same place

Here are some limiting beliefs I hear all the time

  • I'm just not good at mixing or finishing songs
  • I'm good at making loops but not turning them into tracks
  • I love making tracks but I hate the editing and mixing part, I just want to move onto the next one. 

The success of Elevator Program lies in our ability to tackle this issue. I developed a system for teaching people how to make electronic music and finish tracks faster, and the evidence can be heard in our record label. 

Music production is no different to any other craft, it takes consistent effort, continuous learning and patience. In a dopamine intensive society, this message can sometimes be hard to get across. 

On Tuesday I will be hosting a free webinar on 'How To Make Electronic Music and Finish Tracks'. We will be discussing the creative process and the Elevator Method for approaching electronic music production and track composition. Places are limited. 

The first webinar on Tuesday, 23rd of April has sold out. We have added a second webinar for anyone who would like to join and missed the first event.