May 12 / The Elevator Coach

KERZ reaches #4 on Beatport with Debut Album on the Elevator Label

KERZ has returned to the Elevator Program record label with a powerful debut album titled 'NO', entering the Beatport Top 100 Techno charts at #4 (and still climbing). 

The tenth release on the label “NO” sees the Artist Development Program graduate showcase his second release, this time choosing the album format, an extension and evolution of his sound spread across eight enormous cuts. The ideas that drive the record are based upon the fast paced world we live in that works towards an A.I driven society, this release embodies the exact opposite. We are in need of the underground more than ever, maintaining the rich culture in electronic music is only possible by doing these things. 

Years on the dance floor, and playing around his native country of Ireland have seen the multi-instrumentalist construct some of his finest work to date, absorbing influences over the years and now being able to express himself and inject them into his sound. The anticipated body of work delves deep into the realms of mysterious and peak time techno, driven with attitude, but intricately arranged to enhance the dance floor experience. 

The Elevator Program forged by Hybrasil and his team continues to share knowledge and provide a platform for aspiring artists to learn, and share their music. KERZ being a prime example of what exactly is possible when working and pushing together. 
“As we edge ever closer toward an A.I driven Brave New World, everything that you don't want destroyed needs to go underground. These 8 songs are an exercise in creating a completely underground record. I wanted to incorporate many different sounds and try hitting the dancefloor right in the feelings through chord progressions, strong hooks, and big low end.

Saying NO to shit you disagree with and instead going in what direction you feel is right for you is the best way to reclaim direct experience. This album is a testament to that. Making these tracks was quite a cathartic process and allowed me to release the stuff knocking about in my head and turn all that energy into music that I'm proud of." - KERZ