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Elevator Mag: Julia Tamzyn debuts on the Elevator Label with Refraction EP

We are extremely proud to announce the 7th release on Elevator Program from the incredible Julia Tamzyn 

This 4 track mesmerising EP will have your heart strings pulled from all angles, featuring 4 Deep and Organic House tracks that blend smoldering beats with vocal harmonies that will get under your skin. These sublime dance-floor tunes manage to feel fragile and powerful, nostalgic and uplifting. Not only do they reflect Julia’s craft but also the cityscapes that inspired them; Barcelona, Warsaw, Vienna and Berlin, making them intimate and timeless.

Julia sets the tone of Refraction with a classic sunrise track, Let Things Go (slide 3). Opening on a tableau of shadowy snares that build to tender piano notes, this track showcases the haunting heartbreak of Pete Simpson’s vocals. The delicate interplay of velvety, aching vocal and sinuous percussion falls to a soft decrescendo and comes back to a thumping beat, making it impossible not to get up and dance. 

Speaking on her creative process, Julia says: “I want people to feel like they’ve been on a journey with me, like they’ve connected to a memory, a dream, or a place. When I listen to music, I fall into that world, it’s a sanctuary for me, and I want to give people the same experience. I generally compose tracks in one go so it’s a raw process. I can spend weeks or months on fine tuning, but the fundamentals of the track capture that emotional essence, that state of mind, that moment in time.”

What makes Julia Tamzyn one-to-watch is her ability to create house music that feels old school and completely fresh, music that moves forward and backwards through time, music that gets under your skin. Her influences include Kiasmos, Christian Loffler, Ben Bohmer, Bonobo and Pølaroit, to name a few.