Sep 22 / The Elevator Coach

Elevator Mag: Jeff Mills to perform at Ireland's National Concert Hall this weekend

Jeff Mills Presents Tomorrow Comes The Harvest: This Saturday at Ireland's National Concert Hall

Tomorrow Comes The Harvest is the accumulative efforts of cross-genre musicians exploring the unknown by intersecting sound and rhythm through an array of improvisational movements. 

A theory initiated and put into action by the late Afrobeat creator and Nigerian drummer Tony Allen and Detroit Techno’s Jeff Mills. Each belonging to a long tradition of using music to reach higher levels of consciousness, along with veteran keyboardist Jean-Phi Dary, the three toured internationally until the untimely death of Tony Allen in 2020.

However, the foundation of the concept was cemented and ready for continuation. Mills reconfigures the concept to function as trio once again and invites tabla virtuoso Prabhu Edouard to join for an evening of visionary music.


Jeff Mills Electronics
Jean-Phi Dary Keyboard
Prabhu Edouard Tabla
Rasheeda Ali Flute

Support: Eomac 

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