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NEWS: Hybrasil releases 'Hybrasil24' concept on Marco Faraone's Uncage

Marco Faraone welcomes Hybrasil back to his powerful UNCAGE imprint for his second outing
as the highly regarded Irishman drops the first of two releases from his Hybrasil24 concept.

After relocating to Berlin back in 2018 Will Kinsella aka Hybrasil soon joined the Rekids family, delivering several high quality releases on the label and he has followed that on Awesome Soundwave, on his own self titled imprint, Hybrasil and also on UNCAGE late last year.

For his second release on the Faraone’s UNCAGE he drops Hybrasil24 PTII. The concept of Hybrasil24 is a test of endurance, creativity and improvisation. Broadcast in collaboration with Beatport, over the course of 24 hours Hybrasil recorded and produced music live from his HBL Studio space in Berlin, testing the limits of creativity in a confined space for an extended period of time. Hybrasil24 is a 360 creative concept including writing, recording, sound engineering and post-production. This process
draws from every facet of his recording career, from his time as a sound engineer working with vintage recording consoles to his solo studio works with vintage drum machines, synths and samplers.

After hearing many of the tracks from this concept Marco Faraone has picked up 8 exquisite tracks to be released over to EPs and here are the first 4 tracks. All 4 tracks are deep, hypnotic powerhouses of raw stripped back techno at its finest. Each track has its own standout qualities for those with a discerning ear for incessant hypnotic grooves to ensure people stay locked on the dance floor and dance all night long.


Watch Hybrasil24 X Beatport