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Elevator Mag: Hybrasil presents "Orthosie EP" - A Sonic Journey Through Live Performance and Studio Improvisation

Hybrasil announces "Orthosie EP," on Hybrasil Music, marking the 15th release on the eponymous record label. Orthosie is a creative exploration written and recorded live at the renowned HBL Studios, it stands as a testament to the symbiotic relationship between live performance and studio craftsmanship.

This release is part of an innovative series by Hybrasil, delving into the dynamic feedback loop between the energy of live sets and the introspection of studio recording, drawing inspiration from Hybrasil's electrifying live performances in iconic techno spaces, notably the Hammahalle at Sisyphos in Berlin.

The "Orthosie EP" is a journey into the depths of techno, offering an immersive listening experience that blurs the lines between the spontaneity of a live set and the precision of studio production. 
Hybrasil's "Orthosie EP" will be available on all major digital platforms and as a special edition vinyl, catering to both digital enthusiasts and vinyl collectors.

About Hybrasil Music:

Hybrasil Music, spearheaded by the Irish techno artist Hybrasil, is a label synonymous with groundbreaking techno music. Fusing the energy of live performances with the finesse of studio recordings, Hybrasil Music continues to carve its unique niche in the global techno ecosystem, pushing boundaries and exploring new sonic territories.

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