Apr 5 / Elevator Coach

Hybrasil returns to Alan Fitzpatrick's We Are The Brave imprint with Luchar EP

Hybrasil Unveils Mesmerizing "Luchar EP" on We Are The Brave

Renowned Techno artist Hybrasil presents his latest creation, the captivating "Luchar EP," on Alan Fitzpatrick's prestigious We Are The Brave imprint.

Hybrasil has honed his craft working as a resident sound engineer at the esteemed Temple Lane and Grouse Lodge Studios, where he recorded and produced a diverse array of genres, including blues, jazz, folk, and prog rock, Hybrasil's sonic explorations are as rich and multifaceted as his musical influences.

The journey of Hybrasil's musical evolution is as vast and dynamic as the landscapes that inspire him. From his early days as a radio DJ to his groundbreaking live performances at festivals and clubs across Europe, Hybrasil has continually pushed the boundaries of electronic music, capturing the essence of both ancient Irish heritage and the modern urban landscape of Berlin.

With the Luchar EP, Hybrasil delves deep into the realms of stripped-back, hypnotic soundscapes. The title track, Luchar, unfolds with a relentless energy, drawing listeners into a mesmerizing trance that is both powerful and evocative. Perfect for peak-time hours on the dancefloor, Luchar invites you to lose yourself in its intoxicating rhythms and pulsating beats.

On Neit, Hybrasil unleashes a powerful industrial monster that commands attention from the very first beat. Intricate drum and synth patterns intertwine to create a sonic journey that transports listeners to another dimension. With its relentless energy, Neit showcases Hybrasil's unparalleled ability to push the boundaries of stripped back raw deep and hypnotic techno.