Sep 7 / The Elevator Coach

Elevator Mag: Hybrasil announces debut of his audio visual show 'Drones from the Island'

Hybrasil announced the premier of his new audio visual live show 'Drones from the Island' on September 22nd at City Hall in Cork, in collaboration with Culture Night & the Electronic Music Council

The Concept:
The Mythical Island of Hybrasil: The island of Hybrasil appears on maps from the 1300s to the 1800s, with the last recorded sighting in 1872. This island is located roughly 321 km (200 miles) off the west coast of Ireland in the North Atlantic Ocean. It is said that the island is clouded in mist except for one day every seven years, through a rip in space and time.

Drones from the Island: It's the year 1674, and Scottish Sea Captain John Nisbet embarks from Bristol, England on a journey to find the elusive island of Hybrasil. After weeks of sailing, they suddenly encounter strange mist, shrouding a wormhole in the middle of the ocean.
As they pass through the wormhole, the crew sees a massive pyramid structure looming in front of them. They enter the pyramid, the group is transported to a surreal, futuristic landscape. They see strange Megalithic Temples, Giant Stone Statues, high-tech structures and flying ships, different from anything they have ever seen before.

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