Jul 31

Elevator Mag: Ethos Debut's on Elevator Program with Devils Paradise

Ethos unleashes a stunning debut Techno release on the Elevator Program label, entering the Beatport Techno top 100 at #4

Hybrasil’s Elevator Program turns out the next body of work from a graduate of the Artist Development Program. Next on the label is Ethos, a Dublin based producer and DJ who recently honed his craft in the Elevator Program ecosystem. 

“Devil’s Paradise” is the product of years of 
fascination with electronic music has led Ethos to this stage of his life, drawing early influences from the likes of Kraftwerk and The Prodigy, recording tapes at a young age.  

This organic curiosity for music led him to 20 years worth of travel working in 
clubs, exploring different scenes and cultures before heading to Dublin where he himself would learn to DJ and then begin to produce in 2022 with Elevator, bringing us right up to his debut release. 
“Stropharia” opens the EP, it is intricately made for huge, industrial settings, nodding your mind towards warehouse parties and concrete jungles. The dance floor quickly loses their sense of reality with this driven outing. Title track “Devil’s Paradise” is a pulsating trip, the chugging belly of the track conversing with the ravey beeps and bleeps.

The last track “E.S.R” maintains the animated energy of the
release, keeping the raw vibe at the heartbeat of every movement.

A debut EP from Ethos, showcasing his diverse sound across the three tracks with many other 
productions also on the way, and Elevator once again providing a solid platform for their course graduates, now extending their affiliation even further.

Devils Paradise EP by Ethos is out now on Beatport