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4 Years of Elevator Program: from Startup to Chart Topping Record Label

Elevator Program: Four Years of Groundbreaking Achievements

In the dynamic world of music production, the Elevator Program has emerged as an innovative ecosystem for electronic music producers.

Over the past four years Elevator Program has grown from a startup in Enterprise Ireland's New Frontiers incubator, to a chart topping record label, user app and music tech ecosystem. Let's delve into the milestones that have defined its journey.

New Website and User App Rollout: A Digital Reboot

2022 marked a significant leap for the Elevator Program with the rollout of its new website and user app. This digital transformation offered an integrated and user-friendly experience, making it easier for budding and established artists to access its rich resources. The app brought the community closer, enabling offline learning, and collaboration, truly revolutionizing the way artists engage with the platform.

Plugin World: Elevating Music Production

November 2023 saw the launch of Plugin World, an eCommerce platform for music technology and music production plugins. Plugin World stands as a testament to Elevator Program's commitment to providing cutting-edge tools that cater to the evolving needs of music producers.

A Platform That Delivers Results

At its core, the Elevator Program is more than just an educational platform; it's a catalyst for tangible success. A prime example is the artist known as 'Ethos'. Joining the Elevator Program as a beginner in 2022, Ethos's journey was nothing short of phenomenal. Ethos reached the number one spot on the Beatport Techno Charts, with his debut release on the Elevator Program record label, a powerful illustration of the platform's effectiveness in transforming aspiring artists into chart-topping music producers.

Elevator Program Record Label: A Launchpad for Talent

The Elevator Program Record Label has been instrumental in showcasing the talents honed within the program. Since its inception, it has become a launchpad for emerging artists, helping them gain recognition in the competitive music industry. The label's success stories, like that of Ethos, Olympias, KERZ, Julia Tamzyn and murademura, highlight the program's role in not just educating but also empowering artists to achieve their artistic goals.

Will Kinsella: The Architect of the Program

Will Kinsella, the founder of Elevator Program, has been the driving force behind its remarkable journey. His vision of blending education with empowerment in music production has been pivotal in the program's growth. Kinsella's dedication to nurturing talent and fostering an environment where creativity meets technical mastery is the cornerstone of the program's philosophy.

As we look back on these four years, the Elevator Program stands as a symbol of innovation, success, and transformation in the music production landscape. With its comprehensive courses, groundbreaking initiatives like Plugin World, and the success stories of its artists, the Elevator Program continues to set new benchmarks in the industry. Here's to the future, filled with more music, innovation, and label releases. 

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