Dec 22 / The Elevator Coach

Elevator Program 2023 Review

Elevator Program, has made significant strides in 2023. The program has a strong focus on helping artists from various backgrounds master electronic music production and reach their creative potential.

2023 saw 15% membership growth, with now 4,500 artists on the platform. We had our first Beatport #1 with Ethos on the Elevator label. We returned to blended learning, with the relaunch of the Artist Development Program. We introduced flexible pay as you go membership plans to make the program more accessible and we launched Plugin World, our eCommerce Platform for Music Production Software. 

Elevator caters to all levels, from beginners to advanced, and offers a comprehensive curriculum that includes advanced production techniques and creative process acceleration. The program's network extends from Berlin to major cities like London, New York, Amsterdam, and Dublin. 

One of the notable achievements of the Elevator Program in 2023 includes the successful debut of several artists on its record label. For instance, Julia Tamzyn, who debuted with 'Refractions', showcases the program's ability to nurture unique artistic talents.

Similarly, Olympias, an original member of the program, debuted with 'Black Bird', an EP that blends genres like chill, dub, deep house, and techno. Additionally, KERZ, who started with the program's Artist Development Program in 2014 and completed the Advanced Music Production Course and Mentorship Program in 2022, also made a debut with 'Sometimes Bad Things Are Funny' in 2023. These achievements highlight the program's effectiveness in guiding artists through their musical journey. 

These achievements reflect the program's unique approach to teaching and artist development. The Elevator Program, with its innovative methods and supportive community, has established itself as a significant force in electronic music production. Their success stories, like Ethos reaching #1 on Beatport with his debut EP, demonstrate the program's effectiveness in fostering talent and guiding artists to reaching their artistic goals. 

With a strong foundation and a forward-thinking approach, the Elevator Program continues to shape the landscape of electronic music production and artist development, inspiring and equipping a new generation of music producers and artists

Elevator Program's achievements in 2023 extend beyond the individual successes of its artists. The program itself has evolved to become a comprehensive platform for music production learning. With offerings like online/remote learning, a mobile-first approach through their user app, and an inbuilt social media platform, Elevator Program has democratised access to world class electronic music production education. 

The curriculum is tailored to meet the needs of diverse learners, ranging from beginners to those seeking advanced production knowledge. This holistic approach to education in electronic music production underlines our commitment to nurturing and developing talent at all levels, and contributing to the broader music production community