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District 8 & Elevator Program Announce New Irish Music Industry Conference

Over the past decade – we’ve seen the creative talent this country has produced through the avenues of dance music and events. The aim is to help younger people find a substantial footing within the industry and wider scene. This will be a one-day discussion lead event. We want to use our platform to discuss different industry areas openly and shed light on possible industry opportunities.

This can hopefully give people a deeper understanding and feel for the possibilities within dance music and the music industry. We want people to consider careers and development aligning with their dreams. We want to take the experience we have accumulated over the years and pass it on in the hope that younger people can find a stable path to follow.

Far too many people get lost along the way. Over the day, we won’t be teaching you how to beat mix, but we will discuss what it means to be a DJ in today’s world. We won’t be teaching you production techniques, but we will discuss what part production plays in an artist’s journey. We will have follow-on materials and courses that will be more specific. Still, this inaugural District 8 Academy event will be a more general look at the scene and industry in Ireland and we can hopefully provide some general guidance to people.

We will also be discussing topics like diversity and mental health at the very core of the industry.

 Guest moderators and panellists from across the industry will join the talk series, unlocking the different levels of Electronic Music. 

Tickets available now on Eventbrite