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Created by artists, for artists over 13 years of Research and Development, the Elevator Program helps artists reach their creative potential. Learn how to make world class electronic music in Ableton Live 10. Take it to the next level with Elevator Program.

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"My mission is to change how people learn electronic music production. I’ve had students come to me who've spent thousands on courses, tuition even full time sound engineering diplomas and couldn’t do one simple thing, make and finish a piece of music.

Throughout my time as a lecturer and mentor, I developed an easy to follow system to help people navigate the creative process. By putting a workflow in place, anybody can get results regardless of experience. Anyone can make music, you just have to put in the work and the time." -

- Will Kinsella, Techno Artist & Founder, Elevator Program


What is the Elevator Program?

The Elevator Program was designed by Berlin artist Will Kinsella over 13 years of research and 9 years of lecturing and mentoring artists at Dublin Institute of Technology, Sound Training Centre and through his hugely successful Artist Development Programs. In this time he has created an innovative and easy to follow system that guides artists through the creative process of making records, helping them achieve real results.

"Will taught me early on in my career and helped me lay the foundations to what my sound is today. He is a fountain of knowledge when it comes to music production and has a talent in being able to explain and break things down to even the more novice producer"

- Mark Greene, Techno Artist, Intec Digital

Reach Your Creative Potential

"The Artist Development Program is the most engaging course I've done in years. There is a mix of reading, video tutorials & assignments. Every bit of information shared by the trainer is valuable. The course has helped me be more confident in understanding Ableton, pushes me to explore its features and ensures the quality of sound throughout."

- Olympias, Live Artist, Amsterdam

“I hoped to improve my sound design and mixing/mastering skills, as well as to get new ideas/approaches/tools for music production. I think the course helped me with all of that. For instance, I feel my use of effects and EQing has gotten better, my workflow is a bit more efficient"

- Alemao, Umlaut, Stuttgart