Drum Programming

An essential master class in Drum Programming with Ableton Live 10, learn the foundations of making electronic music.


Drum Programming is the foundation of Electronic Music Production and Arrangement. Will Kinsella takes you on a tour of Ableton Live's Drum Rack and demonstrates how to program and sequence drums like a pro in Ableton's Clip View.


This course features tutorials from How to Make Electronic Music, which lays out an extensive road map for making records in Ableton Live.

Who it's for

This is a free course, suitable for anybody with a passion for electronic music production.

What you Learn

  • An Introduction to Ableton Live
  • Using Drum Racks
  • Programming Drum Loops
  • How to use Ableton's Clip View
  • Adding Groove to your Drums
  • Quantising your drum loops

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